9 March 2010

SCX1 Science Cryptic Crossword by SCICX

This is my first science cryptic crossword. It's been sitting on my computer for some months and it's time to give it some air. All feedback appreciated, just look at the Menu on the top right-hand column.

Florilegium at ScientificBlogging

SCX1 Science Cryptic Crossword from SCICX

A World Beyond Belief

To complete the crossword please either print directly or download the above document.

The SCICX Science Cryptic Crossword SCX1 competition closes on 8 April 2010. How to enter our prize crosswords. The prize for SCX1 is one $10 Amazon voucher. Send your completed grid to scx1@scicx.com.

If there is a problem with the Scribd document above, you can download a pdf version of this puzzle at SCX1-pdf (via Linkbee).