9 March 2010

SCX1 Science Cryptic Crossword by SCICX

This is my first science cryptic crossword. It's been sitting on my computer for some months and it's time to give it some air. All feedback appreciated, just look at the Menu on the top right-hand column.

Florilegium at ScientificBlogging

SCX1 Science Cryptic Crossword from SCICX

A World Beyond Belief

To complete the crossword please either print directly or download the above document.

The SCICX Science Cryptic Crossword SCX1 competition closes on 8 April 2010. How to enter our prize crosswords. The prize for SCX1 is one $10 Amazon voucher. Send your completed grid to scx1@scicx.com.

If there is a problem with the Scribd document above, you can download a pdf version of this puzzle at SCX1-pdf (via Linkbee).

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SCICX is a brand new venture and website. If you have any problems with accessing documents or sending us your crossword solutions, or anything else I can't think of, then just leave a comment below.

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8 March 2010

Sponsor a SCICX Crossword

This is the start of SCICX and the modest prizes come from the advertising you see on this site. That means everyone can help in making the prizes more enticing. However, what would be really great is to have a sponsor for each Science Cryptic Crossword on SCICX.

Sponsor Benefits

Each crossword is currently posted to this site and available as a pdf document.

There is space for at least one and possibly two banners. Please see the current crosswords for possible layout. I can work with the sponsor on layout if the banner has different dimensions.

The sponsor's banners will appear on both the webpage here at SCICX and the pdf document. The appearance of the banners on syndicated websites will depend on the terms of those websites, however, there will always be a link to the pdf version.

The crossword that is sponsored will retain the banners and links for however long the crossword is on the internet, so that the advertising will continue beyond the closing date of that particular competition.

The sponsor's banner(s) will also be included in the solution page when that is published, both online and in pdf form.

The sponsor may request a "themed" crossword that closely ties in with their services or products.

The sponsor will be advertising to an audience that is culturally aware and scientifically literate. 

Sponsor Requirements

The sponsor shall pay a sponsorship fee, to be agreed and paid before all work begins. Should the sponsor require a "themed" crossword then that shall be decided at this point.

The sponsor shall also donate a minimum of 3 prizes to be distributed to the prize winners. The sponsor will be responsible for distributing the prizes.

The sponsor shall supply the banners in a suitable format and, once the layout has been agreed it cannot be changed. Once the crossword is published the advertising cannot be changed.

What Next?

If you are interested in sponsoring a SCICX Science Cryptic Crossword then complete a comment below. Please include your contact email and details of your company and we will communicate by email henceforth. All comments are moderated and will not be published.

How to Enter a Crossword Competition at SCICX

Thanks for your interest in entering one of our Science Cryptic Crosswords prize competitions.

This is a new venture so these details will be updated. If you find that a previous method of submission has changed then please read this page and it will clarify the new rules.

If this project takes off I will investigate the ability to do these crosswords online. However, this is supposed to be a stimulating but fun activity, and there is little fun in worrying about online security so, for now, here are the simple submission guidelines.

Every prize crossword will have a closing date, a link to a pdf version and an email address of where to send your completed puzzle.

You can either print a crossword puzzle from a webpage or from a pdf document. Complete the crossword on paper. Scan the completed crossword and email it as an attachment to the email address for that crossword.

Every crossword will have a different email address, so make sure you are sending it to the correct address.

Do not send any other correspondence to a crossword email address as it will not be read.

All closing dates expire at 23:59 GMT.

Within 48 hours of the closing date, a random number generator will be used to select the first prize winner from submitted entries. The winning entry will be verified as being correct. If it is not correct the process is repeated until all prizes for that crossword have been allocated.

Each winner will then be contacted by email with details of their prize and the method of delivery, which may be electronic or physical. Only at this point will we require extra information depending on the delivery method.

Please confirm you have read the email and respond promptly to any information requested. If we do not receive any contact from a winner within 7 days we will send out a second email. If no reply is received within a further 7 days then the prize will lapse and may be used in a future prize crossword.

All entries are deleted once the prizes have been awarded.

If you have any questions about these guidelines then, firstly, read them again. If anything is still unclear or something isn't working then leave a comment at the bottom of this page. It really is much faster than sending me an email. All comments on this page are moderated so I will read them before deciding if worth posting.

Privacy Policy

I don't keep any details of users of this website or of people sending in completed crossword puzzles. All prize crossword puzzle submissions are deleted once the winners have been notified. I keep details of the winners to ensure they receive their prizes and delete those details after one year. If you wish to know when a new crossword is published please subscribe to either our email notification service or our RSS feed. Any information that is collected for the smooth functioning of the web services used to manage SCICX.com, please refer to their own Privacy Policy statments, such as Google and Feedburner.